Everything You Need To Know About Visiting Kennedy Space Center

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Thinking of visiting Kennedy Space Center? Then, you’re in the right place!

Visiting Kennedy Space Center - Rocket Garden

For over sixty years, the Kennedy Space Center has been a mecca for space exploration. It’s where humans took their first steps towards the moon and launched rockets into outer space. Today, the Kennedy Space Center remains an incredible place to explore and learn more about NASA’s history, as well as its current projects. It is also home to a visitor complex that allows anyone to get up close and personal with some of the most incredible space-related artefacts and experiences in existence.

Visiting Kennedy Space Center is an experience that will create memories and stories to last a lifetime both for space enthusiasts and curious travellers alike. I can speak first-hand to this, having recently been there as a rather curious sidekick to my space enthusiast husband, on a quest to witness the initial (sadly scrubbed) SpaceX Crew-6 launch in February 2023. And even for those who don’t have their eyes fixed on a particular launch, there are plenty of exciting things to explore at KSC. No matter your level of curiosity and enthusiasm, Kennedy Space Center is sure to capture your heart and leave you with an unforgettable experience.

So, without further ado, from great tips on what to do and where to go, to helpful advice about tickets and accommodations and a massive FAQ section just for you, here is everything you need to know about visiting Kennedy Space Center!

Table of Contents

#1. Plan Your Visit to the Kennedy Space Center

#1.1: How to Get to Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center (KSC) is located at Space Commerce Way, Merritt Island, FL 32953, which can be accessed using public roads.

Visiting Kennedy Space Center

Driving to Kennedy Space Center

The easiest way to arrive at the Kennedy Space Center is by car, taking one of the several highways and interstates leading to the complex. The drive takes approximately 1.5 hours from Daytona Beach, 1 hour from Orlando and 20 minutes from nearby Titusville.

Closest Airports to Kennedy Space Center

The closest airports to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex are the Melbourne Orlando International Airport (MLB), which is located 38 miles away, and Orlando International Airport (MCO) or Sanford International Airport (SFB), both of which are located around 60 miles away.

Shuttle Bus Service to Kennedy Space Center

While they have many shuttles on display and buses to take you around the center once there, there are unfortunately no shuttle bus services from Orlando or nearby airports to the visitor complex. Instead, KSC provides you with a list of transportation companies offering ground transportation services to and from the Visitor Complex.


If you don’t have a car or simply prefer to leave the driving and planning to someone else so you can sit back and enjoy a day trip, you may be interested in tours that offer pick-up from area hotels and round-trip transportation between Orlando and the Visitor Complex. There is a variety of tour packages to fit your budget and interests, including one-day tours, multi-day excursions or special trips with a chance to meet an astronaut for the ultimate space experience.

These tours are also great if your time in Orlando is limited.

#1.2: Kennedy Space Center Tickets

Kennedy Space Center offers a variety of ticket options from single-day admission to annual passes that allow you to come back as often as you like. You can also purchase tickets for special events such as launches, tours, or other exclusive activities.

Daily Admission Tickets

As of March 2023, the prices for daily admission tickets are as follows:

1-Day Admission2-Day Admission
(Age 12+)
(age 3-11)
(Age 55+)
U.S. Active Duty Military – Adult
(Valid Military Photo ID required)
U.S. Active Duty Military – Child
(Valid Military Photo ID required)

Annual Tickets

As of March 2023, the prices for annual tickets are as follows:

Atlantis Annual PassCosmic Club Family Annual Pass
What Is Included?A year of unlimited admission, free parking, 10% off admission for up to 6 accompanying guests per visit, and discounts on food and retail
A year of unlimited entry for two adults and up to four accompanying children (ages 3-11)
(Age 12+)
(age 3-11)

Special Interest Tours and Add-On Enhancements

You can maximise your visiting experience by opting for special interest tours and add-on enhancements (in addition to the daily admission ticket or annual pass) for the following prices. While it may sound tempting, multiple tours are not recommended.

ExperienceWhat Is It Like?Price
KSC Explore TourTour with a space expert: Join an experienced guide on a tour of America’s very own multi-user spaceport. From breathtaking photo ops to silent stops along iconic sites such as the Vehicle Assembly Building and Launch Complex 39, you’ll feel like your astronaut dreams are coming true. Adult $25

Child $19
Launch Director Tour of Space Shuttle AtlantisTour with a NASA insider: Join Launch Director Mike Leinbach on this 3-hour journey to explore the Space Shuttle Atlantis® from nose to engine before embarking on an incredible virtual ride in The Shuttle Launch Experience®. Visit Forever Remembered to pay tribute to the astronauts who gave their lives in service of human exploration and listen as Mr Leinbach, leader of Columbia’s Reconstruction Team after its devastating loss, offers a special perspective on these courageous individuals’ contributions that will never be forgotten.$75
Chat With An AstronautGet an exclusive glimpse into the daily life of a real astronaut: Join this one-of-a-kind event for a small-group chat with the Astronaut of the Day. Tap into their unique experiences as they answer all your burning questions over light refreshments – leaving you inspired, enlightened and equipped with incredible stories that will stay with you long after.Adult $50

Child $35
Land and Drive on Mars Training Stage*Join the ranks of interplanetary explorers and try your hand at navigating Mars in a full motion simulator. $30
Walk on Mars Training Stage*Dare to explore the surface of our mysterious Red neighbour, Mars. Take a daring virtual journey with your crew and experience an immersive reality on Earth like no other. $30
Microgravity Training Stage*Be an interstellar astronaut and experience a simulation of weightlessness with the Microgravity Simulator. Gather your crew, sharpen your skills, and take on bold training challenges – it’s all part of becoming fit for duty in outer space exploration!$30

*Also part of Astronaut Training Experience

Astronaut Training Experience®

The Kennedy Space Center’s Astronaut Training Experience gives aspiring space explorers a chance to experience simulated zero gravity and learn from veteran astronauts, offering them an out-of-this-world glimpse into the life, science and technology behind NASA’s groundbreaking missions.

Admission is not included, but it is not required for this experience.

ExperienceWhat Is It Like?Price
Astronaut Training ExperienceReady to take the mission of a lifetime? Training designed exclusively for simulated trips on Mars awaits your arrival. Using cutting-edge technology, get ready to explore and experience astronaut training like never before – no passport required!$175
Mars Base 1Be among the brave first-timers to make a home on Mars! Explore an alien planet through Rookie Astronaut training, from managing Base Operations Centers and harvesting plants in Botany Labs to programming robots that convert solar energy into useful resources.$150

#1.3: Parking at Kennedy Space Center

When visiting the Visitor Complex, there are several parking options available to make your visit as convenient and stress-free as possible.
The Visitor Complex parking lot opens 30 minutes before the complex opening and accommodates motorcycles, automobiles and oversized vehicles such as RVs. Parking fees are collected at the entrance to the lot with rates of $5 for motorcycles, $10 for cars and $15 for oversized vehicles, motor homes or RVs.

If you have an Annual Pass (or Feel the Heat Launch Viewing Package), complimentary parking is included with your pass — just make sure to display it!

#1.4: Finding Your Way Around KSC Visitor Complex

To ensure that you make the most out of your visit, take some time to check out the map and overview of attractions below so you can easily find your way around the visitor complex and know exactly where to find your favourites.

Map of Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Visiting Kennedy Space Center - Visitor Complex Map

Map Source

Attractions at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

When you enter the Visitor Complex, you will be instantly greeted by the magnificent sight of the Rocket Garden. But try to resist the temptation and begin your journey by heading over to Heroes & Legends, which will be the first building on your left. Here you will be able to learn more about the brave individuals who risked their lives in support of space exploration. You’ll also get a close-up look at the Gemini 9 capsule and Mercury Control Center. (Also featuring: U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame®) — You can read more about Heroes & Legends here in the “best of KSC” section.

When you leave the building, you will find yourself back in the Rocket Garden, where you can explore some of NASA’s most iconic rockets on display. Here you can learn more about their history and significance, as well as gain insight into how they helped propel space exploration forward.
On the other side of the garden is the Gateway, where you will be able to explore interactive displays, videos and more about NASA’s ongoing efforts in space exploration. (Also featuring: Spaceport KSC) — You can read more about immersive rides in Gateway’s Spaceport KSC here in the “best of KSC” section.

Then it’s time for some fun with IMAX (and for those with kids, Planet Play), which has educational films and games that are sure to make your visit even more memorable. Or perhaps off to Universe Theater, where astronaut encounters take place. — You can read more about astronaut encounters and other special events here in the “best of KSC” section.

Opposite IMAX, you can visit NASA Central and explore the wealth of interactive exhibits that detail the work done by our nation’s space agency and its exploration efforts. From here, you can head to Space Shuttle Atlantis which has an impressive collection of artefacts, including a full-scale shuttle! (Also featuring: Shuttle Launch Experience®, Hubble Space Telescope Theatre, Forever Remembered) — You can read more about Space Shuttle Atlantis here in the “best of KSC” section.

Visiting Kennedy Space Center - Space Shuttle Atlantis

From here, you can walk past the Constellation Plaza and jump on a bus to take a journey back in time with the Apollo/Saturn V Center. Here you will get an up close and personal look at the vehicles that made history by taking mankind to the moon, as well as a chance to explore interactive exhibits about their development and use. (Also featuring: Apollo 8 and the Firing Room, Moonscape / Lunar Module 9, Lunar Theater, and Moon Tree Garden) — You can read more about Apollo/Saturn V Center here in the “best of KSC” section.

When you are back in the main visitor complex area, don’t forget to pay a visit to the Space Mirror Memorial, next to the North Lawn Launch Viewing Area / Atlantis West Pavillion.

Kennedy Space Center Official Guide

To make navigating the Visitor Complex as easy and stress-free as possible, KSC Visitor Center offers the Kennedy Space Center Official Guide.

It is an app that includes helpful information such as hours of operation, where to shop, where to eat and the nearest restrooms, as well as learn all about fun attractions and tours, astronaut appearances and shows. It also allows you to create a favourites list to customize your own guided tour of the Visitor Center, and ensures you never get lost thanks to its GPS-enabled map navigation!

I hear it’s a great way to explore Visitor Complex before your visit and create a personalized experience while you’re here. Unfortunately for us, the QR code for download just never seemed to work — probably because we have UK Apple Store accounts.

#2. Best Things to Do and See at Kennedy Space Center

Visiting Kennedy Space Center

At Visitor Complex, you are sure to be awed by the achievements of one of humankind’s most incredible feats: space exploration. From virtual reality experiences to interactive exhibits and awe-inspiring displays, Visitor Complex is packed with ways to explore our universe and gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to reach new heights — literally!

While I would highly recommend going early and visiting the entirety of the complex and the exhibitions it houses, if you are short on time, you may want to focus on the following top attractions instead.

Of note: If you have all the time in the world but don’t know where to start, then KSC has some great itineraries depending on how many days you have to visit (1 or 2 days) or who you’re going with (kids under or above 10, adults/group, space enthusiasts).

#2.1: Rocket Garden

The Rocket Garden at Kennedy Space Center is a breathtaking display of some of the most iconic rockets in history, and a living testament to humankind’s historic achievements in space exploration. From the towering Gemini-Titan II and Delta to the sleek Mercury-Atlas (the only replica in the mix), each rocket on display has its own unique story and place in space exploration. Walking through the garden, you can’t help but feel a sense of awe and wonder as you gaze up at these towering monuments to human ingenuity. Each rocket represents countless hours of hard work, innovation, and determination that made space exploration possible. It’s an experience that leaves you feeling both humbled by the enormity of what we’ve achieved and inspired by what we have yet to discover.

The impact is felt even more powerfully when one notices that grandest example: Saturn IB mounted on its side like time standing still yet signalling progress into our greatest unknowns above!

Visiting Kennedy Space Center - Rocket Garden Map

#2.2: Heroes & Legends

Visiting Kennedy Space Center - Mercury Mission Control room console

The Heroes & Legends experience at Kennedy Space Center is a must-see for anyone interested in space exploration and the heroes who made it possible.

The US$20 million exhibit that opened in 2016, explores America’s first astronauts and their feats of courage. The experience begins with a brief movie that sets the stage for what’s to come. From there, you can explore an exhibit based on the nine key traits of a hero, learning about passion, curiosity, discipline and many more through interactive displays. And of course, a stunning array of historical artefacts including Gemini 9 and Sigma 7 capsule as well as pieces such as the NASA emblem and original Mercury Mission Control room consoles – remaining since the Early Space Exploration era!

Visiting Kennedy Space Center - U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame

The experience ends at the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame®, where you can learn about the brave men and women who have risked their lives to push the boundaries of what we thought was possible.

It’s an inspiring experience that will leave you with a newfound appreciation for those who dared to reach for the stars.

Accessibility/Facilities: Elevator page detail bathrooms 

#2.3: Gateway

Gateway offers visitors a daring adventure to explore the cutting-edge innovations of space exploration, and an out-of-this-world experience — a chance to explore the cosmic wonders of space from the comfort (or excitement) of our blue planet. Whether you embark on “Red Planet”, “Daring Explorers”, “Cosmic Wonders” or “Uncharted Worlds”, each of the four “destinations” on offer promises a unique journey through distant worlds and galaxies for those adventurous enough to take part in these immersive rides!

“Red Planet” in particular, offers Mars enthusiasts a truly magical opportunity to venture back into its ancient oceans with the Perseverance rover and try their luck at escaping Mars’ notorious dust storms. Just beware that any fellow travellers may not be as appreciative though — like some screaming high school kids we had the pleasure of sharing the ride with…

Accessibility/Facilities: Elevator page detail dining iconbathrooms 

#2.4: Space Shuttle Atlantis

Visiting Kennedy Space Center - Space Shuttle Atlantis

Following a rather impressive show and entrance, here, you will step into the incredible world of Space Shuttle Atlantis and get an awe-inspiring look at her suspended in a flight position, just as if she’s recently departed from her last mission. From there, you’ll be able to see where major history was written as it soars through space in a 43.21-degree rotation, showing off its payload doors open with extended Canadarm for maximum effect!

Space Shuttle Atlantis also includes more than 60 interactive exhibits celebrating NASA’s 30 years of journey through outer space history, technology and life-changing impact on humanity…

And of course, the magnificent Shuttle Launch Experience, where visitors can experience up close what it was like to be aboard the Shuttle!

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#2.5: Apollo/Saturn V Center

17 December 1996 made history for NASA when the Apollo/Saturn V Center was opened in a restricted area accessible only by Kennedy Space Center tour buses. Spanning 100,000 square feet and housing an impressive Saturn V rocket display plus many other related exhibits from the groundbreaking Apollo program era, this historical installation forever changed how visitors could access what had long been showcased outdoors south of the Vehicle Assembly Building.

Here, you can marvel at the Apollo 14 command module Kitty Hawk, and get up close with real moon rock that you can touch — something untold numbers before have only dreamt of doing! Check out unique artefacts like replica Lunar Roving Vehicles, many space suits worn during various missions, plus actual samples from Earth’s closest neighbour. For those looking for even more mission immersion as if they were there themselves — two theatres recreate the launch and landing of Apollo 8 and 11, respectively, right within your fingertips!

NOTE: This is also where you are taken should you book a “Feel the Heat” Launch Viewing Package for any mission leaving from Launch Complex 39A.

Accessibility/Facilities: Elevator page detail dining iconshopping icon bathrooms 

#2.6: Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour

This tour is a great way to discover the birthplace of America’s spaceflight atop an air-conditioned motor coach, with a guided tour behind restricted areas at Kennedy Space Center… and also, the only way you can get to the Apollo/Saturn V Center.

On this bus journey, you can whizz through some of the most mission-critical areas of Kennedy Space Center and get a glimpse of its larger-than-life facilities and coveted launch complexes, as your expert guide shares insights into ongoing developments that are pushing humanity deeper into outer space exploration.

Note: As NASA and its commercial partners progress towards more ambitious space ventures this year, the bus route may change slightly based on the needs of this working spaceport, while remaining committed to offering plenty of enthralling sights beyond KSC’s gates!

Accessibility/Facilities:  page detail

#2.7: Special Events

Visitor Complex also hosts regular astronaut encounters as well as launches and other special events throughout the year. These may include exciting special exhibits and ceremonies that offer unique opportunities for visitors including a chance to interact with real astronauts or get an up-close look at historic artefacts from NASA’s past missions.

Don’t forget to check the social media channels for KSC and the daily schedule given out at the entrance to make sure you don’t miss any happening during your visit!

#3: Dining and Shopping Options at Kennedy Space Center

No trip to Kennedy Space Center would be complete without some souvenir shopping or eating some space-themed food at one of KSC’s eateries! Luckily, there are plenty of cafes and restaurants onsite offering everything from burgers and hot dogs all the way up to a beer and wine bar (of note: it’s right next to the children’s play area) if that’s what you’re looking for! You can also pick up official NASA apparel or souvenirs in any number of shops scattered throughout the complex.

So come hungry and be prepared to take home unique items to remember your day at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex!

#3.1: Food at Kennedy Space Center

At the Visitor Complex, you will find several delicious dining options (eight, to be specific) to choose from. You can:

  • Enjoy traditional American classics and pizza at Orbit Cafe (in the main complex) or Moon Rock Cafe (in Apollo/Saturn V Center)
  • Grab a quick bite and beer at the Red Rock Grill or snacks for the show at IMAX Snax
  • Go for healthy nourishing bowls and noodles at Space Bowl Bistro
  • Help yourself to some coffee, wine or beer in Planet Play Lounge, while waiting for your little astronauts to return from their journey.

And, of course, no visit to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is complete without a stop at Milky Way or Space Dots for some of the best spacey treats: Cookie Dough Space Dots®!

#3.2: Shopping at Kennedy Space Center

When it comes to shopping, you can find a variety of souvenirs at the Visitor Complex. In addition to your usual hoodies, t-shirts and hats, all three shops in the complex offer exclusive collectables and memorabilia to commemorate your visit to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

The Space Shop, the world’s largest collection of NASA merchandise, is right in the middle of the complex (can’t miss it really!), whereas Shuttle Express and The Right Stuff can be found inside Space Shuttle Atlantis and Apollo/Saturn V Center attractions, respectively.

#4: Rocket Launches at Kennedy Space Center

For the ultimate Kennedy Space Center experience, consider watching a launch while you are there — it’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that shouldn’t be missed by anyone who loves space exploration!

There’s something magical about watching a rocket launch at Kennedy Space Center. The excitement and anticipation are palpable as you wait for the countdown to begin. As the engines roar to life, you can almost feel the ground shake beneath your feet, and you know that you’re witnessing something truly special. It’s impossible not to be transported back in time, thinking about the first launches and how far we’ve come since then.

We recently had the opportunity to experience this incredible moment with the “Feel the Heat” package, which I would highly recommend for any big, momentous launches. With this package, we were as close to the launch pad as humanly possible (and safe). But no matter which package you choose, one thing is certain: watching a rocket launch at Kennedy Space Center is an experience like no other!

Visiting Kennedy Space Center - Launch

#5: A Deeper Dive Into the Kennedy Space Center

#5.1: History of the KSC and the Visitor Complex

From its humble beginnings as a small launch pad in the 1950s to its present-day status as one of the world’s premier space exploration sites, the Kennedy Space Center has been home to some of humankind’s greatest achievements in space exploration. Today, it is also home to a Visitor Complex that offers an up-close look at these accomplishments and more for tourists from around the world. Here’s a brief overview of the history of this incredible complex.

Space Exploration

The journey towards understanding our universe began thousands of years ago when ancient civilizations attempted to map out the stars and planets in our solar system. As time passed, humanity developed increasingly sophisticated tools for exploring the unknown—from Galileo Galilei’s telescope in 1609 to Robert Goddard’s liquid-fueled rocket in 1926—and eventually made its way into space. In 1961, President John F. Kennedy declared that America would put a man on the moon by 1970, spurring an unprecedented era of innovation that culminated with Neil Armstrong’s iconic first steps on July 20th 1969.

A Match Made in Heaven: NASA and The Kennedy Space Center

In 1958, just three years before President Kennedy’s speech, NASA was formed—the National Aeronautics and Space Administration—to lead America’s efforts in space exploration programs. Soon after its creation came one of its most ambitious undertakings yet: building The Kennedy Space Center (KSC). Named after JFK shortly after his assassination in 1963, KSC became NASA’s primary launch site for all human-crewed missions as well as robotic probes sent out into deep space. Over its lifetime KSC has been responsible for launching numerous spacecraft including Apollo 11 (which took Armstrong to the moon) and STS-7 (America’s first successful female astronaut mission).

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

The original KSC Visitor Complex opened in 1967 but did not offer much more than viewing stands until 1995 when major renovations began onsite.

Nowadays, The Visitor Complex at KSC is like no other place on earth, offering visitors an immersive experience into the world of space exploration through interactive exhibitions, informative displays and educational presentations from veteran astronauts who have had firsthand experience with NASA missions throughout history.

Visitors can explore many attractions like Astronaut Training Experience®; see historic spacecraft such as Atlantis®; watch rocket launches from special observation areas; experience simulated G-forces with Shuttle Launch Experience®; get an up-close look at authentic astronaut training facilities; explore interactive exhibits about space sciences; take guided tours through working areas like Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB); visit iconic sites like Apollo/Saturn V Center®; get an inside look at operational control centers; or enjoy a range of amazing shows like Rocket Garden featuring retired rockets used during missions over 50 years ago!

Visiting Kennedy Space Center - Heroes & Legends

#5.2: What to Expect on a Visit to The Kennedy Space Center?

The Kennedy Space Center is a historical landmark of space exploration. From the early days of the Mercury and Gemini programs to modern missions from private companies such as SpaceX, the KSC holds a special place in human history and collective memory. A visit to the Kennedy Space Center offers visitors a journey through space exploration and a chance to experience this significant part of our past, present, and future.

A Trip Through Time

At its core, the KSC Visitor Complex offers a journey through time that spans from humankind’s earliest space explorations to present-day achievements. From interactive experiences that feature astronauts who lived through it all, to displays of rockets used in historic missions, it is easy to get lost in a world of exploration and discovery. Throughout your trip you will come across artefacts such as astronaut suits, moon rocks collected during Apollo 11 mission, and capsules used on various space missions – it’s like taking a trip back in time!

A Chance to Venture Beyond Our World

The KSC Visitor Complex also offers an opportunity for visitors to learn more about current space exploration ventures beyond our world. You can explore exhibits dedicated to Mars rover expeditions or see close-up replicas of satellites used by NASA for interplanetary study. You can even take part in simulations that give you a first-hand look at what astronauts experience during launches or rendezvous with other spacecraft orbiting around Earth. The possibilities are endless!

The Future Awaits

As you wander through the complex you will come across exhibits dedicated to upcoming projects such as Orion – NASA’s deep-space capsule – and commercial crew vehicles that will be responsible for ferrying astronauts into orbit around Earth. The complex also features an IMAX theatre where guests can enjoy spectacular films about current space ventures or attend educational seminars focused on topics such as astronomy or astrophysics. It is truly an incredible experience for any lover of science and technology!

FAQs | Visiting Kennedy Space Center

Did you jump straight to this section for your burning questions? Don’t worry, I got you covered!

Visiting Kennedy Space Center - Launch

What is So Special About Kennedy Space Center?

Kennedy Space Center is a beloved institution that has touched the lives of generations of people, from the first explorers entering space to today’s space junkies. Visiting Kennedy Space Center is an experience that invokes humanity’s collective spirit and needs to explore, and one with answers to some burning questions.

Can You Meet an Astronaut at Kennedy Space Center?

Yes, visitors to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex have the opportunity to meet a real astronaut. Through various programs offered at the Visitor Complex, guests can ask questions and get an up-close look into what it takes to be an astronaut. The Visitor Complex also hosts events where astronauts make special appearances, giving guests the chance to interact with someone who has been in space. Visiting Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is truly a unique experience that no space enthusiast should miss.

Can You Walk Around Kennedy Space Center for Free?

No, a ticket is required to enter Kennedy Space Center. Visitor’s tickets allow access to the Visitor Complex, which features interactive exhibits and presentations, as well as historic spacecraft and rocket displays. The Visitor Complex also offers discounts for seniors, children and active-duty military. There are additional fees for special attractions and ticketed events.

Click here for different ticket types and their prices and here to purchase them.

How Long Does It Take to Visit Kennedy Space Center?

It certainly depends on individual interests and how much time one wants to spend on each featured attraction, but in general, it may set you back anywhere between four hours or up to a full day.

Can You See Everything at Kennedy Space Center In a Day?

Yes, you can see everything at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in a day, and in fact, that is exactly what we did. However, depending on your interests and the amount of time you want to spend exploring each exhibit, it is recommended to plan for two days when visiting Kennedy Space Center. This will allow plenty of time to explore all that Kennedy Space Center has to offer without having to rush.

What is the Best Day or Time to Go to Kennedy Space Center?

The best day to visit Kennedy Space Center depends on your individual schedule and interests. Visiting Kennedy Space Center during the week can help avoid crowds, although school groups are often present during weekday visits. Visitor’s tickets provide access to all of the Visitor Complex’s exhibits, presentations and displays, so plan accordingly to ensure you have plenty of time to take everything in. Special launch days often draw large crowds, so plan accordingly and check out the Visitor Complex’s online calendar for up-to-date information about upcoming launches.

Can You Do Kennedy Space Center in Half a Day?

Technically yes, with good planning in advance and going early to avoid queues, it is possible to visit Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in half a day. However, depending on the visitor’s interests and the amount of time they want to spend exploring each exhibit, it is recommended to plan for at least a full day when visiting Kennedy Space Center. Take into account also that some of these exhibits come with their own pre-exhibition shows/documentaries or queues.

Is Kennedy Space Center Worth It?

Absolutely – there’s nothing quite like visiting this place of inspiration, where starships come alive underneath Florida’s gentle sun rays. Whether you have an entire day or just several hours available, visiting Kennedy Space Center is worth your time and money!

What is the First Thing to Do at the Kennedy Space Center?

Other than purchasing your tickets (which you would have likely purchased online beforehand) and going through security, the first thing you should do is check the times and availability for the Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour. This tour gives you access to the Apollo/Saturn V Center, home to the fully restored Saturn V rocket. As it’s a stone’s throw away (give or take a few miles) from some of the observatory gantry, launch pads and other restricted areas, access to this center is only possible by Kennedy Space Center tour buses, with the last tour bus running 2.5 hours before park closure. So if you’re planning to go to the complex around midday, you may want to prioritise this tour first.

How Long Is the Bus Ride Inside the Kennedy Space Center?

The bus ride inside the Kennedy Space Center takes around 15-20 minutes to reach Apollo/Saturn V Center, where the tour concludes. Here, you are recommended to spend around 2 hours checking out the restored Saturn V launch vehicle and visiting the variety of exhibits related to the Apollo program, or perhaps grab a bite or do some shopping, but you can of course leave anytime you want taking one of the return buses that leave every 15 minutes.

Is Kennedy Space Center a Lot of Walking?

Yes, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is surely an adventure for the feet. The Visitor Complex covers more than 145 acres and includes interactive exhibits, presentations and displays in five distinct areas. However, with plenty of places to rest, you can explore without worry. For those with mobility issues, wheelchairs ($10) and electric scooters ($30) are available for rent so everyone can experience this incredible destination. Stroller ($8) and double stroller ($10) rental is also possible.

Is Kennedy Space Center Crowded?

The Visitor Complex at Kennedy Space Center can get crowded, especially on weekends and during school holidays… But never feels too packed thanks to its expansive grounds. It is best to visit during the week or early in the morning to avoid large crowds. Visitors can purchase tickets online in advance to guarantee entry.

Is Kennedy Space Center More Indoor or Outdoor?

I would say Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is a combination of 70% indoor attractions (interactive indoor exhibits, presentations, and educational programs that provide an in-depth insight into the history of space exploration) and 30% outdoor attractions (Rocket Garden) and walking around the complex and between various dispersed sites.

What Do You Wear to the Kennedy Space Center?

The best way to dress for a visit to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is in comfortable clothing and shoes. Since the Visitor Complex covers a large area, there is a lot of walking and exploring to be done. Visiting Kennedy Space Center on sunny days can make for warm temperatures, so it’s best to wear loose-fitting, light clothing (and bring sunscreen). Visiting during cooler weather often requires a jacket and/or warm clothing.

Can you Bring a Backpack to Kennedy Space Center?

Yes, visitors are allowed to bring backpacks while visiting Kennedy Space Center. However, all backpacks must be inspected at the Visitor Complex entrance. Security personnel are available to assist with bag searches and metal detectors may be used as an additional security measure. It is recommended that visitors arrive with minimal items in their backpacks as this will help expedite the security process.

Can You Bring Food and Beverages to the Kennedy Space Center?

Bringing in food and drinks is allowed – provided that it’s in small quantities and doesn’t include glass bottles or containers, or anything with alcohol in it. Beer is available for purchase at select spots on-site.

Can You Bring Pets to Kennedy Space Center?

Only service animals are permitted inside the KSC exhibits, presentations and on the bus tour. All other furry friends need to wait at home or in the free on-site pet kennel (required: proof of vaccination records).

Are There Free Things to Do at the Kennedy Space Center?

Yes and no. While you may be able to watch a rocket launch for free (if you happen to be in the complex on the day of a launch, as we were for the Starlink V2 satellite launch) and most of the exhibits do not require any additional payment for entry, you still need to pay to for the ticket to enter the complex.

How Much Does It Cost to Visit Kennedy Space Center?

Daily admission prices range from $45 (per day for a 2-day ticket) to $85 (for a one-day ticket), with additional discounts available for seniors, children, active military personnel and annual/family pass holders. Click here for different ticket types and their prices and here to purchase them.

If you are planning to eat, drink and shop while you are there, you are looking for at least another $50-70 per person. Of course, it all depends on how much NASA/KSC memorabilia you intend to purchase!

What Ticket is Best for Kennedy Space Center?

– For adults visiting Kennedy Space Center as a day trip from Orlando: 1-day admission ticket
– For travelling space aficionados: 2-day admission ticket
– For those in no rush to do it all in one day, or who are suffering from limited mobility or travelling with kids and want to allow as much time as possible for emergencies, bathroom breaks and tantrums: 2-day admission ticket
– For locals planning to visit over and over again: Atlantis Annual Pass or Cosmic Club Family Annual Pass

Click here for different ticket types and their prices and here to purchase them.

Does Kennedy Space Center Offer Military Discount?

Yes, Kennedy Space Center provides special benefits for active duty military members, including discounts on adult and child admission. (Note: Must be able to present a valid military photo ID)

Is Kennedy Space Center Fun for Adults?

Yes, with its wealth of historic spacecraft and memorabilia and unique experiences on offer, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is a great place for adults to go on a fun otherworldly adventure. Whether you’re a space enthusiast, a history buff or simply curious about the future of star-gazing, a visit to Kennedy Space Center is sure to leave any adult in awe!

Is Kennedy Space Center Fun for Kids?

Kids are sure to have a blast at KSC as there are plenty of kid-friendly activities designed just for them! From building their own rocket ships out of Legos to exploring the world beneath the waves through virtual reality goggles, there’s something for everyone in the family. KSC tours also offer an educational experience tailored specifically for young kids which emphasizes exploration and discovery in a fun way!

Is Kennedy Space Center Good for Kids?

Yes! If you want to give your kids a unique experience unlike any other, Kennedy Space Center is the perfect place for it. With awe-inspiring exhibits and attractions that will get their imaginations soaring, this bucket list destination is suitable for families of all ages and will leave them filled with wonderment about outer space.

What Age is Good for Kennedy Space Center?

While the complex has activities like “Planet Play” which was designed with younger audiences in mind, given the educational and historical value of KSC (and the fact a ticket is required for anyone above the age of 3), this experience may be best suited for (and truly appreciated by) kids aged 5 to 7 and up.

What is Planet Play?

Opened to the public on January 1st 2021, Planet Play is a new, fully-immersive multiple-story play experience at Kennedy Space Center. Designed with kids aged 2 – 12 in mind, this indoor interactive area is designed to take the little space explorers on an immersive journey as they explore different planets and let their imaginations soar with endless possibilities of intergalactic adventures!

What Is the Difference Between Cape Canaveral and Kennedy Space Center?

While Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral both possess a shared mission as well as resources, Cape Canaveral, the home to the United States Space Force, is primarily focused on government programs and military-related rocket launches whereas Kennedy, a complex by NASA On Merritt Island, encourages more private endeavours.

What Is the Closest Town to Kennedy Space Center?

The closest town to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is Titusville, Florida. Titusville lies on the Indian River Lagoon and is located just 9 miles from the Visitor Complex. Titusville is a great place to stay before or after visiting Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex since it offers a variety of lodging, food and entertainment options.

What Other Attractions Are Near Kennedy Space Center?

There are many things to do near Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. You’ll find Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and Canaveral National Seashore. Nearby towns offer other interesting attractions such as museums, restaurants, shopping, and more. Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is also conveniently located at driving distance from popular theme parks such as SeaWorld Orlando and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

How Far Is Kennedy Space Center from Disney?

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is located approximately 60 miles from the various Disney parks in Orlando, Florida and can be reached by car in less than an hour, depending on traffic. Or alternatively, you may opt for a Kennedy Space Center Tour & Transport from Orlando, Disney, Universal, and Kissimmee.

How Far Is Kennedy Space Center from Orlando?

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is located approximately 60 miles from Orlando, Florida and can be reached by car in less than an hour, depending on traffic. Or alternatively, you may opt for a Kennedy Space Center Day Trip with Transport from Orlando.

Where to Stay Near the Kennedy Space Center?

If you’re planning a trip to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, there are a variety of nearby lodging options. Hotels near the Visitor Complex include the Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront and La Quinta by Wyndham Cocoa Beach – Port Canaveral (formerly owned by America’s original 7 astronauts). Vacation rentals are also available in nearby towns such as Merritt Island, Cocoa Beach and Titusville, for those wanting to stay close while visiting Kennedy Space Center.
If you are only planning to go to KSC for a day trip, you can do what we did and stay at Hilton Orlando (which was excellent) or Wyndham Garden Orlando Universal / I Drive (which was pretty decent), which are only an hour of drive from KSC but much closer to the rest of the Orlando attractions.

Recap: Visiting Kennedy Space Center

From its humble beginnings 60 years ago to becoming a staple of American culture today, the Kennedy Space Center is a truly one-of-a-kind destination filled with inspiring stories from those who have explored beyond our planet’s atmosphere! The KSC Visitor Complex does an incredible job providing an incredible journey through time that allows visitors to explore some of the greatest accomplishments in space exploration ⁠— from earliest efforts with Project Mercury all the way up to current endeavours like sending humans beyond Earth orbit aboard Orion crew vehicles.

Here, you can enjoy interactive exhibits featuring massive rockets and a ‘hands-on’ learning experience with simulators, try floating weightless in an area designed to recreate zero gravity (perfect for aspiring astronauts!) or join a multitude of audio-tours curated by NASA experts – which will take you through all aspects of space exploration.

Whether you are looking for educational activities with your family or trying to plan your dream vacation around space exploration, or want to learn more about the USA’s proud history of space exploration and get an inside look at future projects planned by NASA, this complex has something exciting for everyone!

There are truly countless ways to get up close and personal with the universe while visiting Kennedy Space Center, and they are all waiting for you to join on this expedition and experience first-hand how far humanity has come since those first few steps towards exploring outer space were taken!

Why not join them now?

Visiting Kennedy Space Center - Space Shuttle Atlantis

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