Michelin Star Restaurant Review: Ekstedt, Stockholm

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Do you want to hear a magic trick? Then, open the doors and walk into Ekstedt, Stockholm to be immediately transported from the cold and snowy streets of Stockholm to the cosiest, most perfect spot in front of the fire. Let the heat and scents carry you to your own little cabin in the woods…

Think of charcoal, soot, ash, smoke and fire… That, right there, is the essence of Ekstedt.

Chef's Table at Ekstedt, Stockholm

Child of culinary genius Niklas Ekstedt, who, after spending his early years as a chef experimenting with non-Nordic cuisine and molecular gastronomy, has found himself undeniably drawn back to his roots in Jämtland, northern Sweden. And it was not just the flavours of his country that he wanted to share, but he wanted to give his guests the purest, the most unadulterated taste as well. So, he went back to the cookbooks from the 18th century, before the advent of electricity, when the fire maketh the food and brought back to the modern scene, a truly wonderful way of cooking.

With beautiful food, served in a cosy, unassuming yet trendy little spot, needless to mention, a Michelin star soon followed.

Before you plan your trip to Ekstedt, Stockholm, I would recommend you to check out a couple of things and book accordingly – as the experience comes with a variety of seating arrangements and menus to choose from.

If you can (if there is availability), I would definitely recommend the Chef’s Table where you can watch the skilful chefs labour over every little detail of each plate, which certainly adds to the experience. It is, as you can imagine, quite popular, so you might want to book in advance, especially for the weekends:

Chef's Table at Ekstedt, Stockholm

As for the menus, you can opt for a:

  • 6-course tasting menu (1090 SEK), with or without wine (890 SEK) or non-alcoholic (400 SEK) pairing; or
  • 4-course tasting menu (890 SEK) with or without wine (690 SEK) or non-alcoholic (350 SEK) pairing.

And if you still have space (unfortunately, we didn’t), then you can try the cheese from Löfstalund (105 SEK).

6-Course Tasting Menu

On the day we went, the menu consisted of:

  • Pine smoked mussels, halibut and samphire
  • Seared langoustine, deer and celeriac
  • Juniper baked char, funnel chanterelle and Brussel sprout
  • Hay-flamed mushrooms, sweetbread and bone marrow
  • Birch fired wild duck, fennel and lovage
  • Wood-fired oven-baked almond cake, pear and yeast

All beautifully cooked, plated and served and taking you on a culinary journey across the Swedish landscape… From the sea to the forest, to the meadows and fields:

With delicious food, a lovely atmosphere, and amicable service, Ekstedt definitely deserves a trip while in Stockholm.

If you try it, make sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments,


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