Discover At Home Farm: North London’s Best Kept Woodland Secret

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At Home Farm: Long Table Banquets and Intimate Live Shows In the Woods

If there is one thing all my friends know about me, it’s that I am extremely easy to influence on Instagram…. Especially when it comes to a food-related event 🙂

It is a trait that is at times a blessing and at times a curse but it always leads to an unforgettable night… And in this particular case of At Home Farm: Woodfired Canteen with Moro, it was an absolute gift from the heavens!

Location: Home Farm Glamping

Home Farm is an idyllic glamping retreat located in Elstree. Set within 150 acres of private woodland, it is the perfect place to unwind after a long week or to enjoy one of the many intimate outdoor events they host throughout the summer. This year’s line-up includes some of the best names in the UK’s culinary, music and theatre scenes, ready to sweep you off your feet!

And the best part? You don’t even have to drive there! Easily accessible from London (about 15 miles from the centre and a mere 3 miles from the northern end of the Jubilee Line), served by the tube, train and Uber, at this farm, you can have your cocktail and drink it too… And not have to worry about how to get back home!

BONUS: If you choose to drive, however, rest assured that Home Farm is doing its bit to ensure your stay/visit is as carbon-neutral as possible. When you purchase a parking pass for their on-site parking, a percentage of the fee is donated to ecolibrium, supporting ecosystem protection, regeneration and clean energy generation.

At Home Farm: The Ambience

Classy yet casual, the ambience here is absolute perfection!

Following a warm welcome at the Home Farm entrance, we are accompanied to the outdoor bar area where the apéritifs and live jazz music are waiting for us. We find ourselves at a table where we enjoy our drinks and the gorgeous asparagus starter. With the sun shining above us and the air filled with the smell of delicious food we are about to enjoy, we are in heaven!

Asparagus, aioli and chopped roasted almonds

Shortly after we are done with our drinks, our hosts invite us to the signature Woodfired Canteen communal table under a glorious oak tree to enjoy the rest of the menu… With nothing but endless green fields as our backdrop.

Food: Woodfired Canteen with Moro

Sam and Sam Clark, and their beloved Moro hardly require an introduction. These two amazing Moorish/Mediterranean food pioneers have been bringing an explosion of authentic flavours to Londoners for over 20 years. And this evening is no exception! Especially with the resident Woodfired Canteen (long tables in unusual locations and magnificent feasts cooked over fire) involved.

The menu on the day includes several sharing plates, each filled with tapas/mezes to be mopped up with the fresh, warm flatbreads our hosts pass around:

  • Beetroot borani with feta and dill
  • Labneh with fenugreek, green chilli and black onion seeds
  • Broad bean salad with za’atar and parsley
  • Orange and sumac ceviche

Followed by heartier dishes such as:

  • Slow-smoked belly pork and crispy pork skin with churrasco sauce
  • Slow-cooked Andalusian chickpeas with saffron and cumin
  • Gem lettuce salad with barbecued peppers, fried garlic and cider vinegar

Before a magnificent finish with the lightest yet the tastiest dessert ever:

  • Yoghurt cake with pistachio and pomegranate!
At Home Farm - Yoghurt cake with pistachio and pomegranate

At Home Farm: The Verdict

From the communal table under the glorious oak tree that seems to extend into eternity, to the impeccable service and the live jazz filling the air, every single detail of this At Home Farm evening was so well thought out and executed… It was a masterpiece!

If I were to comment on anything, it would be for the organisers to ensure that groups of 6 (which was a special type of booking, and the one we opted for) are seated and catered for together as a group, rather than divided into two groups of 4+2. We ended up sitting and sharing our food with a delightful couple and their young daughter and ordering our drinks to be delivered to our friend’s table, which was fine. But that may not always be the case for (or with) others. Just something to keep in mind if you’re booking for a large group.

Otherwise, I think all I can say is that it was a fantastic event, and I wish we had booked to stay at the venue. Because we definitely didn’t want to leave at the end of the night…

Feeling MORO-ish? Why not visit the chefs at their beautiful home, or their restaurants Moro and Morito?
Or check out the wealth of restaurants London has to offer!


At Home Farm: A North London Gem Pin
At Home Farm: Long Table Banquets and  Woodland Shows Pin

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