Snow in London

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Everything on my to-do list for the day went straight down the drain (with zero regrets) when I caught a glimpse of snow in our beloved London this morning. Fast forward 5 minutes and there I was in my snow boots and thermals, ready to get my snow on!

The neighbours have been busy

Unfortunately, Mister is still away for work, so a snowball fight is out of the equation and building a snowman all by myself feels futile somehow… So I opt for a walk by Thames riverside with a nice cup of coffee in hand instead:

The excitement on the streets is palpable. It’s almost like snow provided a cathartic release for the whole neighbourhood after all these lockdown and winter blues – and I’m all for it!

My walk takes me past Kew Green, where the laughter of ecstatic children fills the air:

… All the way down to Richmond.

Locals with front row seats

Regularly undertaken by runners bravely splish-sloshing on the snow, I make it to Richmond Hill where parents drag toboggans up the hill followed by their enthusiastic offspring. But not without first getting distracted by the inviting smells coming from the stalls in Duck Pond Market in Heron Square. I resist the urge to eat but end up buying a coconut bowl and a little face brush before I head back home.. because why not? 😀

As I write these lines over a nice cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows (leftover from Christmas), the snow is melting already… but at least not before gracing us with views like this:

I hope you all had a lovely snow day with your loved ones!

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