Sunday Rituals: Smoked Salmon Bagels with Capers

Last Updated on March 23, 2022 by Goya

Smoked salmon bagels

Happy Sunday everyone,

Hope you’re having a lovely day! I know I am with this delicious salmon and avocado bagel, which is kind of a Sunday tradition in our house now. And the best part… It’s so easy to make… Like Nigella-recipe-backlash-easy! 😀

I start by preparing the toppings first so that I can put them on the bagels as soon as they are out of the toaster.

  • Avocado: Remove the pit, thinly slice the avocado inside the skin (making sure to not pierce the skin) and scoop it out with a spoon. Clearly, easier said than done 🙂
  • Cucumbers: Slice any way you want. I prefer making half moons.
  • Get your spreadable cheese, smoked salmon, capers, black pepper, a tiny bit of lemon juice (and dill, if you have some at home. I didn’t have any today).
  • Cut the bagels in half and pop them in the toaster.
  • Once the bagels are deliciously toasted, spread the cheese on them and add the rest of the toppings as you wish. Finish with lemon juice, freshly cracked peppers and dill… and voilà!

What is your 5-minute weekend wonder?


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