Pamporovo, Bulgaria: Ski You Soon!

Last Updated: March 2022

Hey there, I am pretty sure I can’t be the only one who looks back and goes: December was kinda crazy, wasn’t it?!

All the birthdays, parties, Christmas and our trips to Budapest and Cappadocia meant being quasi-broke come January. So, when it came to ski trips, our options were pretty limited.

Luckily, at that very moment, my dad called me saying: “Hey, we are going to Bulgaria to ski with your mum and your brother, we have booked a place where we can all stay together, do you think you can take some time off work and join us?

Could I? After a quick check of ticket prices and ski rental fees, it turns out yes, I could! 🙂

So, there we were, Mister and I, packing for Bulgaria. For Pamporovo, to be more specific.

First, the basics:

How to get to Pamporovo?

  • Ryan Air flies from London Stansted to Plovdiv Airport on Mondays and Fridays. From Plovdiv, it takes you around 1.5 hours to drive to Pamporovo. Transfer cost ≈ 50 GBP.
  • British Airways flies from London Heathrow to Sofia Airport every day. From Sofia, it takes around 3 hours to drive to Pamporovo. Transfer cost ≈ 100 GBP.

Layer Up!

It can get GRR-really could out there. So make sure you wear your thermals, layers and keep your little toes and fingers warm at all times.

Currency in Bulgaria

While Euros would be gladly accepted, to get more bang for your buck, make sure to use Bulgarian Lev (1 GBP = 2.2 BGN) as much as possible.

When will Bulgaria adopt the euro?

Bulgaria will join the euro zone as of the 1st of January 2024.


Bulgarian cuisine shares many characteristics with other Balkan cuisines… And it’s absolutely DELICIOUS! Prepare yourself for all types of stews, soups, sausages, yoghurt-based goodness, Sirene cheese, and homemade wine and rakia!

Oh, and it’s all incredibly cheap! We had a whole lamb spitroast along with a dozen sides and wine and paid £20 each!


Pamporovo, with its untouched natural beauty, is absolutely breathtaking! That, combined with its chilled vibe, makes it the perfect destination for a relaxing holiday.

What Is It Like to Stay/Ski in Pamporovo?

  • Generally, Bulgaria is a little rough around the edges -and that’s definitely part of its charm-. So, before you go, you could use a little tweak to your perception: When you book a 5* hotel in Bulgaria, what you get may not be quite what you had in mind or what you would find in, say, France. Having said that, I can assure you that whatever you will find will be so wonderfully unique and undeniably Bulgarian that you won’t be able to help but smile… and eventually, love it 🙂
  • While I have never been to Borovets or Bansko myself (the other 2 ski destinations in Bulgaria), I have heard that they both have quite a vibrant nightlife compared to Pamporovo, which is more for total chillax-ation.
  • Having been there with my boyfriend (a first-time skier), my brother (a maniac who goes for nothing but the hardest slope also known as ‘The Wall’) and my dad (a cross-country skiing enthusiast), I can assure you that Pamporovo can cater for all kinds of skiers/snowboarders.

How Much Does It Cost to Ski in Pamporovo?

  • Compared to well-known ski resorts worldwide, Pamporovo is definitely a bargain:
    • Price for a 5-day ski pass (as of Feb-2022): 338 BGN
    • Price for a day of ski rental (as of Feb-2022): 30 BGN
  • If you are on a fixed budget or going there with a big group, check the ski and snowboard packages which usually include: accommodation, ski/snowboard rental fees, lift passes, as well as lessons (if you need any). And trust me when I say, it will only cost you peanuts! *insert heart eyes emoji here*
Including me, the girl who doesn’t even need skis to fall 🙂

Still not quite sure whether Pamporovo is worth a visit?

Let me give you a sneak ‘peak’ of what your view of the Rhodope Mountains would be like as you ski down slope number 9, both before and during snowfall:

I rest my case 🙂

For further information, you can check this link.

Let me know if you have any questions or recommendations and hope you enjoyed reading this!

Lots of love,


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