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Last Updated on March 23, 2022 by Goya

Hello there,

While you’re here, how about I share my absolute favourite dress of this summer with you? It’s the Boden Riviera Dress. While it comes in about 5 different colours, let’s face it, it’s the yellow one that will be the staple of your summer wardrobe!

Yellow dress and sunflowers

I have to be honest here, the cut can be a bit revealing if you happen to be a bit top-heavy like me and the skirt is a bit see-through, but there’s nothing an underskirt and a quick trip to tailor can’t fix*! Once you do that, you will have a beautifully vibrant and flattering dress that will see you through day and night this summer.

* You can also get rid of those pockets while you’re at it -as I did if you are aiming for a less fluffy look.

Yellow sunflower field

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