A brief Bodrum getaway: Gümüşlük

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It would be a shame coming to Istanbul in mid-August for a wedding and not head to Bodrum, one of Turkey’s many summer wonders. With its picturesque views, traditional white painted houses surrounded by bougainvillaeas, and the smell of jasmine and mandarins following you in tiny winding pathways, it’s not hard to see why Bodrum is a tourist magnet in summer.

Having said that, the recent political events seem to have significantly lowered the number of foreign tourists -that this region so heavily relied on in the past- and in the beaches/clubs/bars locals visibly outnumber foreign tourists now. As a result, in some places, the entertainment seems to be more targeted to Turkish audiences. So, unless you’re a connoisseur of Turkish Pop, you might want to stay away from places like Bodrum Barlar Sokağı -also known as Bodrum Tekilacılar Sokağı- 🙂

As we spent most of our short time there soaking up the sun while sticking to a strict daily routine of reading/sleeping/relaxing/sipping cocktails on our sun loungers with occasional swimming breaks, I don’t have an extensive list for you this time. But I have a feeling this won’t be our last time in Bodrum, so watch this space! ✌🏼

I mean, with a view like this, who needs to move around? 🙂
Birthday with a view!

From the centre to Turgutreis to Yalıkavak (and many more little pockets), each part of Bodrum has something different to offer. While we would normally try and hit at least a couple of different parts, during this holiday we somehow always seemed to end up in quaint Gümüşlük. Why? Well, have you ever dreamt of dining out so close to the water that your feet are literally touching the sea? Because in this part of Bodrum, you can do exactly that.

  • For the prettiest sunset, grab a table at Limon Gümüşlük.
  • Do you want cocktails & live jazz music? Try Off Gümüşlük.
  • Or, if it’s a proper seafood feast in an atmospheric setup you’re after, head to Melengeç Gümüşlük.
Bodrum - Melengec Gumusluk
Melengeç Restaurant in Gümüşlük
Bodrum - Melengec Gumusluk
… where fresh seafood is guaranteed and dipping your toes in the sea over dinner is optional.
Bodrum - Gumusluk
Night in Bodrum, Gümüşlük

Wherever you end up, I am sure you will not be disappointed.

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